Today is Respect Your Cat Day! A day to celebrate the cat that roams your home, prowls the halls, and attacks the little red light on the wall! But more importantly, they're way better with kids than most people believe. They may be a bit aloof, but if you're down, they feel your pain and they're there for you. And they're funny!  Cat and kitten videos are the best thing on YouTube! I love dog videos, too, but cats are so much more outrageous!


I think the best way to celebrate Respect Your Cat Day is to share a picture of your cat on the Y-105FM Facebook page! Thank you to all of you that're meowriffic! And if you haven't shared one yet, please do, and I'll add 'em to this gallery tomorrow!

This is easy. Spend time with your cat...or near them...or ignore them, whichever you think they'd like best. New toys are great, especially if they've been giving you THE LOOK when you try to play with their old toy.  Do you usually push 'em off the couch when you want to sit down? Well, for one day, let 'em have it. They'll be confused but in a happy way.

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