Baconfest 2016 is in the books. If you're wondering how fun it play!

I actually got to be a small part of the first Baconfest...Baconfest 2013. I was living in Tracy McCray's basement at the time (recuperating from a kidney transplant), and I had two special duties.

a) "Here, cut the bacon out of this bacon material. And be quick about it!"

ii) "You stand here with Joel (her husband) and be sharp about it!"

That was it. The cool thing is it was my first big public event after the transplant, and it felt so good to be among happy people. Just like last night, Sunset Terrace parents, faculty, strangers, and more, all coming together to raise money for the PTA, eat some bacony goodness, and race around the room at lightening speed (actually, it was the kids that raced around the room).

This year I was in the running for Bacon Royalty, but I did not win. I did, however, have fun making that YouTube video up there. And, as you can see by these pictures, the other royalty candidates had fun, too!  Kudos to Danielle Teal for winning, and then handing the crown over to the coolest person in the room, Ms Blaisdell, fifth grade teacher at SST.


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