There is a chalk-artist in Rochester, and she just created the coolest tribute to the Vikings!You probably didn't know the chalkboard signs you see at Hy-Vee Crossroads are not a corporate thing. There's no huge team in Des Moines, IA making generic chalk signs and sending 'em out to each store.

Nope. At the Hy-Vee Crossroads, It's A.J. (there's a different chalkboard artist at each store). Who's A.J.? In a few texts back-and-forth, she said, "My name is Andrea, and I have been a part-time chalkboard artist at Hy-Vee Crossroads since February 2017. Three evenings a week, I sit/pace/dance in a tiny office and brainstorm ways to bring a bit of color into the "to-do" list my boss, Bret Peterson, creates."

Check out her most recent artwork for the Vikings.

How long does it take to do each sign?

There are lots of different chalkboard sizes in the store, ranging from a sheet of office paper to a 3' x 4' board announcing a visit from Santa or the upcoming meat sale.

Length of time spent on each board depends on the board size, whether there's a drawing or just text, and how long the board will be displayed. A board that will hang above the Meat Department for a couple of months might take longer just so the design is neat and clean.

Back when I did trivia at the Marketplace Grill in her store, A.J. made this...and she's got me dialed right in! Even the glasses!

Credit: James Rabe photo of A.J. Chalk Art
Credit: James Rabe photo of A.J. Chalk Art

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