Last week Danielle and I were were talking about visiting the World's Largest Ball of Twine, and then we took a poll to find the Top Three Big Things...and now, I'm happy toi report, I've found the World's Largest Turkey in Frazee, MN, and it is a site to behold!

According to Roadside America, they were working to get the big turkey ready for the Turkey Days Festival, using a torch on the 22 foot tall civic symbol and...

An errant tongue of superheated flame ignites one of the legs of the highly combustible paper mache gobbler. Within seconds, Big Tom is wrapped in a death mantle of black smoke...Fire departments from neighboring towns rush in to contain the blaze -- much to the embarrassment of Frazee's maintenance crew -- but it's already too late. All that remains is a pile of unrecognizable slag.

They rebuilt it...some say better than ever! And today, you, too, can travel to Frazee and discover what I did. The miracle of the turkey. But don't stop there...check out the playground. I did and found a toy that I never had as a child (maybe the coolest toy on the playground). PLUS, check out the video and you'll find a bonus scene (for adults only...due to totally gross restroom discussion!

And off course...the pictures!