The dreaded Wednesday the 13th, renown for the bad luck it brings! And bad luck it did bring. We gave away a bunch of Powerball tickets for the $1.5 billion jackpot, and not one of the tickets was a winner (see who did win by clicking HERE). I did have fun at the big Powerball ticket give away, as the video shows.

It took longer than I expected to find giant horseshoes, and one I had to get crafty on! Well, not really "crafty". I had to spray paint it gold. But that's pretty crafty for me. Maybe I could have added some glitter, but there was a winter coat to bedazzle with good luck stuff, and lunch to eat, and a nap to have....priorities!

Anyway, I found the horseshoes, I found the clovers, and I headed to HyVee Barlow Plaza and the fun ensued! Hugs, ticket giveaways, laughs, and plenty of rubs...on my horseshoe.

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