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Changes will be happening soon for 200 Kohl's stores throughout the United States, including stores in Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, and 7 in Minnesota.  Yes, Rochester is on the list as one of the locations that will soon be revamped to include a "Sephora at Kohl's" store.

According to USAToday.com, 200 Kohl's stores will be getting a beauty upgrade.  Sephora trained staff will be helping customers figure out the perfect products in a 2,500 square foot newly designed area just inside the entrance.  Over 100 beauty brands will be added including makeup, skincare, hair, and fragrance products.

200 Kohl's Stores Getting an Updated Look with Sephora

The list has been released and we now know which Kohl's stores will be getting an updated look thanks to the newly launched "Sephora at Kohl's" collaboration. According to USAToday.com, Kohl's stores throughout the following 29 states are in the plan for the new look that involves 2,500 square feet in the front of the store along with Sephora trained staff for the 100 new beauty brands that will be added for the consumer.

This isn't the first beauty brand and big store collaboration.  A few months ago, the news broke that Ulta Beauty was teaming up with the very popular Minnesota-based company, Target, and creating mini-Ulta Beauty locations inside stores.  Just when we thought Target already created the perfect store for women by having Starbucks, Chip and Joanna Gaines, and a liquor store, they added Ulta into the mix.

Kohl's, Sephora, Ulta, and Target are some pretty big brand names right now in our world.  Which one is your favorite?  I'd love to hear about it!  Send me a message over on my Facebook Page - Jessica On The Radio - or over on Instagram.  Personally, I'm a huge fan of Ulta and I hope it never ends up on the "goodbye" list like a whole bunch of favorites when I was a kid.  Go through the list below and see how many you remember.

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