It's a Great Big Y Loves The '80's Party Giveaway Weekend! What was the middle year, 1985 like?

H A W Steve Wedding
Dave, Steve and Derrick

At the end of May 1985, one of my best friends, Derrick, got married. He and his wife, Michelle, live in Tennessee now. A month later, me and Derrick and another best friend, Steve, went in to the recording studio to produce a demo. We recorded five songs. In September, Steve started college. So did my wife Cathy. I was best man at Steve's wedding in May '89. He was my best man the following May.

This afternoon we're setting the Y-Back Machine for the Top Four Songs this week in 1985!

Here are some Fun Facts about that year!

The average price of a new car was just over $9,000. The top selling car of the year was the Ford Escort. A gallon of gas was $1.09!

A road disappeared that year! One of the first, most famous and celebrated highways in the country Route 66 - "Ge'chore kicks/on Route 66!" - was removed from the US Highway System! Route 66 first appeared on maps in 1926. It stretched from Chicago, through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, finally ending in Santa Monica. It was probably the only highway with it's own television show. About a couple a guys in a Corvette that drove around doing odd jobs, helping people - and hi-jinks ensue.

In April 1985, New Coke was introduced.

The Nintendo game system was introduced for Christmas

Michael Jordan was named Rookie of the Year!

Oprah made her film debut in The Color Purple. The price of a movie ticket was $2.75! Five of the most popular films that year were sequels! Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment came out. Sylvester Stallone had two that year, Rambo: First Blood Part II and Rocky IV. Mel Gibson starred in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Sir Roger Moore starred in his final James Bond film. A View to a Kill, with Christopher Walken as a Bond villain opened in theaters May 22nd.

The LIFE Images Collection/Getty

In November, Calvin & Hobbes debuted in newspapers on November 18th. It ran for ten years. Aside from book collections, there has never been any approved, licensed merchandise of the characters. Reclusive creator Bill Watterson did not want to see either character as Berkley Breathed's Opus.

Derek Hough, from Dancing With the Stars was born in May, 1985. One of the most infamous "deaths", Bobby Ewing, Patrick Duffy's character on Dallas was killed off. His television wife, Pam, Victoria Principal, later woke up and saw him in the shower. Turns out the entire season following his death was just a dream she had!

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