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I was in the middle of a live show on Y-105FM when BOOM - everything in the studio went dark.  Thankfully, we all have flashlights on our phones so James Rabe and I could get out of the studio safely without falling down.  Sounds like Townsquare Media isn't the only place in Rochester that lost power on Monday morning.

800 customers are currently without power in downtown Rochester according to a phone call that Kim David at Townsquare Media received.

Credit: Jessica Williams
Credit: Jessica Williams

Several RPU trucks are currently at the Rochester Area Family YMCA located at 109 1st Ave. in downtown Rochester.  According to KROC News, "A preliminary report indicates there may have been an explosion in a manhole."

I was on the hunt to find some WiFi to use and right now, I'm writing this story for you at Cafe Steam in the One Discovery Square building.

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