How do you get your neighbors to stop parking in front of your house?

ON Facebook, my friend __ posted...

well its Monday and I feel like ranting....what is with people and the common sense to park their car in front of their own house? There obviously is NONE! I was getting tired of the neighbor across the street having 6 cars and always parking in front of my house, never in front of their own, or at the end of the cudlasac so bought a no parking sign and posted it. Well, knock knock from the officer 4 hours later telling me I had to remove it. They called it in and long behold, I get home from work yesterday and there she is parked in front of my house again? (any suggestions on how to get it to stop, i have already nicely asked)

A lot of her friends responded, but no one had a great way to stop it, except one guy that suggested she "should start by emptying the air out of their tires at least two of the tires. If that doesn't work dog (poop) under the door handle. If Neither of those work team up with your other neighbor and park so close that they can't get out."

Well,  Just no.  BUT, as long as we're do the dog poop thing, you'd have to interact with dog poop to put it under the door handle.  That would involve a shovel, or getting gloves, and besides's sound like way to much work.

So, since I think we agree that violence, destruction of property, and poop are out, what are some ways to get the neighbors to use the space in front of their own place?

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