Who doesn't love a good bloody mary? Wisconsin is known for having some pretty great ones across the state. I've covered this several times by sharing videos from Drink Wisconsibly. Comedian Mary Mack recently visited Superior to try to find a great one and landed at the Choo Choo Bar & Grill. She also got one of the biggest bloody mary's I've ever seen by going to Spring Brook Bar & Grill near the Wisconsin Dells. It's $45 bucks, but check it out!

Something I've seen a few times over the years when ordering a bloody mary, especially in Wisconsin, is a stick of celery covered with cheese whiz as one of the goodies that come with it. I was just at the Keyport Lounge the other day when I saw my first cheese whiz bloody mary in quite some time.

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes
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Not a lot of recipes call for cheese whiz on a bloody mary. I honestly liked it on the celery. It gave it a little more flavor. However, I have had them in the past where the bartender would dunk a fully loaded celery stick into the glass. The cheese whiz then kind of disintegrated and turned the whole thing into looking like it was dishwater.

So, do you like cheese whiz on with your bloody mary? Do you have a favorite bloody mary at a bar or restaurant somewhere? Let me know! I'm always on the hunt to try a new one.

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