Most kids look forward to summer vacation because it means countless hours in the sun, time with friends and family and NO HOMEWORK! Kids enjoy summer, but do the parents really enjoy it? That's the age-old question that people debate about all the time.

WCCO did a story about a Groupon survey that had to do with summer vacation. This survey says that the average parent wants their child to go back to school after 13 days of summer vacation. Why is this? Well, parents feel that their kids get bored really fast. Entertaining kiddos can be a challenge especially when you are a working parent.

I'm finding there are a lot of things to do in Minnesota like go hiking, check out caves and go fishing. But the issues aren't lack of things to do. It's a lack of resources to keep their kids occupied. This same survey found that three out of five parents feel that they let their kids summer expectations down because they can't take them to do all these fun things. We live in a time where both parents work, which makes it hard to spend the summers with your children. But, do you remember your summer vacation? Didn't you enjoy playing hide and seek in the woods? Going to the pool with friends? Hanging out at the lake, catching creatures to bring back and show your mom? Oh, those were the good old days and I'd do anything to get them back!

How long do you think summer break should be? Should it be shorter? Longer? There are other options like putting your child in summer camp! Hang in there parents, there are only a few more weeks of summer vacation left!

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