I think this one is a no brainer.

Imagine this: It's noon on a Friday. The sun is shining bright, your work load is complete or maybe light enough where you could probably be finished for the week and there's a patio/lake/happy hour calling your name somewhere... only you're stuck at work until 5:00, or even later. Ugh! We've all been there, but now it sounds like more and more businesses are giving their employees an extra incentive to finish up their work so they can punch out early for the weekend.

According a story by KARE 11, a recent study found more than 40% of companies offer some sort of flex Friday or Summer Friday hours. Sure, it puts a lot of trust those employees to own up and finish their work like adults before they bolt for the lake, but at the same time it's shown a major boost in company moral and productivity in the workplace.

Imagine being able to come in just a bit earlier on Monday (I know, bare with me) and maybe a few other days during the week, only to smell sweet sweet freedom by Friday afternoon... doesn't that sound awesome?!

Now for someone like me who has a show to do every afternoon 2-6 p.m., I could maybe come in later on Friday's instead of in the morning. It would give me more opportunities to hit the links more often and work on my golf game a bit, or even work on some projects I have going on at home so I can spend more time with the family Saturday and Sunday. Win-win!

So, what do you think?


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