I get a lot of questions in my DM's...people hoping listeners will have suggestions they haven't thought of. Solutions they can't find. Like this one: Should they be helping their kid pay off a credit card?

Here's what "Becky" sent...

Hey James. Saw you yesterday at Thursdays on First and you said to send you my problem. I love the morning show! I hope your listeners can help. My husband and I have been arguing about it for a few weeks.

"Our son got himself into a boatload of credit card debt. He's


23 and just graduated college. He's having a tough time paying rent, getting food, paying for a phone, everything. He told us he owes around $5700 in credit card debt and was hoping we could help him out.

I don't want to bail him out because I think he needs to learn a lesson. My husband, on the other hand, feels terrible that he got himself into this mess and thinks we should pay off his credit card debt to help him with a fresh start. I love him and I know he's a great kid. He has a fulltime job that doesn't pay as much as we'd all like but we know he has to pay his dues. I would love to help him out, but how else is he going to learn responsibility. Should we bail him out?"

We'll talk about this Monday at 7:40 and 8:40 on the Y-105FM Early Morning Show. What do you think?

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