It's already been over two weeks since I've had my daughter Chloe, but any time I log onto Facebook it seems like every other couple I know on Facebook is having a baby also!  But what I like to remind those parents, new or otherwise, is that if they're giving birth through Methodist at Mayo Clinic, then they need to take advantage of scoring themselves a delicious snack next door from the hospital at Jimmy John's.

Credit: Google Maps Street View
Credit: Google Maps Street View

It was brought to my attention from several nurses and doctors that if you show anyone inside the fast food joint proof of having a baby (stamped footprints, hospital bracelet, etc...) they'll hook you up with a FREE cookie!

I'm not sure how long they've been doing this wonderful gesture, but I did take advantage of this almost three years ago after I had Charlee as well.

It was such a cool feeling to have the whole place erupt with cheers and applause, both from staff and customers after I proudly showed off my daughter's fresh footprints on my arm. Sure, it might just be a small cookie, but it also shows they care enough to recognize such a large milestone in our lives also. Plus, if I'm being honest, they're some damn tasty cookies and worth the exercise to walk over there to get one after sitting in a hospital room forever.

And just for the record, both times I offered up my free cookie to my wife... because let's be real, she deserved them more than me for the rock-star that she is :)

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