Jevons Brown sent some, ahem, 'Brown Packages' in the mail.  He mailed several packages of, get ready for this, cat feces.  Why?  You ask... well, his motive was revenge, because he didn't get hired.  ???

Jevons tried to find employment in the St. Louis area, but was rejected, over and over.  He lashed out in a rather grotesque way, at employees of companies that failed to hire him, by mailing them cat poo care packages.   (EW!)

The 58 year old veteran was sentenced on Friday to probation.  Prior to this event, or should I say events, (there were at least 20 of these, 'packages',) Brown had no criminal history.  He recently found employment.  The U.S. Postal Inspection Service spokesman Dan Taylor told investigators that 20 similar packages were all traced to this man, Jevons Brown.  He has been receiving counseling and going to church.  He apologized in court.

Read the report in the St. Louis Dispatch, Click Here. 

I think Gross!  Is quite the understatement.  Sadly, the people who opened the packages probably had nothing to do with not hiring this man!  Revenge is never a good idea.   He is said to have found employment, but for how long do you think?  I don't know if there are many employers that would relish in the thought of having some person like this working for them.   Hopefully he gets the help he needs to not go to that resort again. He spent time putting together 20 packages of cat poo.  That is a little weird.  He got probation.  The recommended sentence ranged from probation to six months in jail.  Hopefully he learned his lesson without the jail sentence. What do you think?