When you take a vacation day or personal day from work, don't you wish it didn't feel like it just flew by?

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When you take a day off from work, does it seem to just fly by? And how about the weekend? You leave your workplace at the end of the day on Friday, and it seems like you turn around and it's Monday morning!

A guy in Spain figured how to fix that.

69-year-old Joaquin Garcia worked at a waste treatment plant in Spain. A little over six years ago, he became a supervisor there.

The company wanted to give him an award for ten years of LOYAL, DEDICATED service. The problem was he had stopped showing up for work after he became supervisor. Six years ago! And no one noticed!

When the plant caught on to what he had done they fined him $30,000, the equivalent of a year's salary.

So much for that service award.

See the rest of the story here. If it's not for a scheduled appointment and not a vacation, what do you like to do on a personal day from work? Share that in the comments below.