New Business Now Open in Northwest Rochester, Minnesota

I was out of coffee today, which is a travesty all on its own, so on my way home from work I ventured over to the Caribou on North Broadway.  I was trying to get out of the parking lot but there seems to be a major pothole issue by Glynner's in that lot so I ended up venturing along the entire strip mall.  During my travels in the Riverside Plaza, I saw a new sign on a window.  Looks like a new shop has opened up in Northwest Rochester!

Jessica Williams - TSM Rochester/Preston
Jessica Williams - TSM Rochester/Preston

I was joking during my show the other day that you know you are old when you start talking about how you hurt yourself just by getting out of bed.  If you don't understand what that means, you aren't there yet.  If you sprained your ankle this morning putting on your slippers, you and I are now bff's because we are the same age.  Thankfully, for all of us that have a few aches and pains, the new place open in the Riverside Plaza was made for us.

Skare Spine & Performance is now open in Northwest Rochester.  Google

According to a Facebook post, Skare Spine & Performance is now open at 1615 North Broadway in Rochester.

Exciting news - our website and online scheduler are now live, and we’re ready to start seeing patients next week!
Meet Dr. Nate Skare - a chiropractor and rehabilitation specialist with a passion for optimizing lifestyle and performance. With an integrative approach to care, Dr. Skare meets patients where they’re at to provide personalized treatment plans. His clinical training, strength and conditioning knowledge, and understanding of the human body allow him to offer a unique perspective. He is thrilled to give back to the Rochester and surrounding communities. - Skare Spine & Performance Facebook Page


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I've had many physical therapy appointments and a few adjustments at a chiropractor, mostly for issues that my si joint causes.  Do you have a favorite place to go in town?  Let me know by tapping on the Facebook post below or adding your comment here.

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