I'm always up for an adventure and when I heard that a brand new restaurant was getting ready to open up in Rochester, I knew I had to go check it out!  I did more than just look through the windows though...I went INSIDE Saladworks and even got a taste of the food.

The grand opening of Saladworks in Rochester is happening on Monday, December 9th.  Just in case you are wondering, "Hmmm, how does this new salad place work?", well, I'll walk you through it.  I was there for the VIP event on Thursday and got to sample and try it out and took a few notes to help you out.

Where is it?  The new restaurant is in the subway level just under the Marriott in downtown Rochester.

How to order:  When you walk in, find the sign that says "Good to go" and start there. Someone behind the counter will go through the salad line as you pick from one of the signature salads or create your own.  The menu shows you all of the ingredients and you can even make your salad based on vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, or soy-free.  All of the ingredients are mixed together right there on the spot for you, and you can even pick how much dressing you'd like.

Time to Eat: There is a lot of space for seating inside which allows you to stay there and enjoy or you can take the food to go.

Saladworks in Rochester

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