I was at Big Brads the other day, and, leaving, I looked across the street and thought, "Top Shots looks...sad right now." So I ran across the street and took a look thru the windows.

Nothing. So done now, right?

Last month, we had a blog about downtown Rochester bar Top Shots saying they were making changes...

A message on their Facebook page reads: “We are temporarily going through some necessary changes. We appreciate your patience during this process.”

But, according to THIS blog, their liquor license isn't active.

So, I suppose they could come back, open up, and make a go of it, but have you ever seen a bar be closed this long, and come back?

Plus, that little peek I took thru the windows? The place is emptied out. But not in the way that says, "We're redoing the floors". More in the way that says, "Yeahhhhh...ummm...we're done."

Of course, this could all be wrong...since no one's talking and their Facebook page hasn't posted any new info.

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