Here it is, the moment I had a deep fried oreo for the first time.  This was just before the Karaoke Extravaganza that I helped to judge again this year.  I just got back and it was awesome!

Be patient with me, I have some excellent video footage from some of the performances throughout the evening, and I hope to have it up and posted for you in a couple of days! It was really another exciting year, jam-packed with talented people.  Before the event started, I thought I'd hunt down some supper.  Some friends and I tried the deep fried oreos.

I'm going to have some highlights / clips from the evening for you shortly, but in the meantime, enjoy this story from KTTC, another media sponsor of the event, and look, I made the news.  Ha! You can see the videotaping I was doing of some of the show in their segment.  I hope you all look forward to it, the performers were incredible!