Does your dog understand you when you talk? You might be surprised!

It's a dog's life! From the Begchives

I've got four kids: two boys and two girls - that's if you count our eight-year-old Basset, Maize, as just another one of our kids. Most people I know consider their pets kids as part of the family.

Justin and Maize.
From the Bergchives

She gets along pretty well with her brothers and sister.

Ethan and Maize's First Meeting they get along great. She wasn't sure about sharing Mom and Dad with her two brothers and sister.

I've joked that maize is THE only one excited to see me walk through the door at the end of the day. Because she knows that I will give her a treat when I come home. She comes to me when she's hungry and thirsty and when...y'know.

Some of THE best conversations I've ever had were with Maize - and science proves it! Researchers in Hungary took doggie brain scans and found that through tone of voice and body language, dogs know - like Maize knows when I'm praising her, disciplining her, or just venting about my day. She actually learns words from tone of voice and body language!

It's nice to have somebody who listens, right?