The website has put out a list of “Songs That Were Originally Meant for Other Artists”.  Among themJustin Timberlake's 2002 song "Rock Your Body" was originally offered to Michael Jackson, but he passed on it.  Britney Spears' " Baby, One More Time" was almost recorded by TLC, but they didn't think it fit with them.  David Bowie wrote "Golden Years" with Elvis in mind, but when he turned it down, Bowie did it himself.  And  Blondie's "Call Me" could've been a Stevie Nicks song.  Stevie did like the demo, but she wasn't able to use it due to an issue with her label at the time.

Getty Images once put out a similar list that included FOUR examples from Bruce Springsteen…

"Born in the U.S.A.",  . . . was originally written for a movie called "Light of Day", starring Michael J. Fox and Joan Jett.  He ended up keeping it and submitting something else to the movie.   "Cover Me",  was written for Donna Summer, but he decided to keep it.   "Hungry Heart",  was written for The Ramones, but his manager advised him to keep it.  "Fire", was intended for Elvis, who died before he recorded it.  Bruce then gave it to The Pointer Sisters, and their version did become a hit.  The Boss also recorded it himself.

Others on the list:  "The Long and Winding Road"The Beatles . . . Paul McCartney wrote it for Tom Jones, who turned it down.    "Superstition"Stevie Wonder was written for Jeff Beck, but Motown talked him into recording it himself.  "Dim All the Lights", Donna Summer was meant for Rod Stewart, but she decided to keep it. "Run to You"Bryan Adams was written for Blue Oyster Cult, but they didn't like it.  The song was also rejected by .38 Special before Bryan took it for himself.  And "I Can Dream About You"Dan Hartman could have been a hit for Hall & Oates but Dan made it one for himself.