While driving down South Broadway in Rochester, Minnesota recently I noticed there are signs up saying that construction will begin on Monday the 28th, expect delays. Dang it, I drive Broadway every day. What kind of construction are we talking about?

What Construction is Happening on South Broadway

I did some digging online and found information on the City of Rochester website about this construction project. It sounds like it should be pretty minor. They're doing seal coating on multiple roads around Rochester, including South Broadway. Specifically, the map that I found on the City of Rochester website says they will be doing fog-chip sealing.

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What is Fog-Chip Sealing

According to a website called PavementInteractive.org, fog-chip sealing is "a light application of a diluted slow-setting asphalt emulsion to the surface of an aged (oxidized) pavement surface." Based on photos from Google, it appears they're trucks with a spray system set up in the back close to the ground that sprays the diluted product onto the road. Pavement Interactive says that it's a low-cost option for sealing roads.

When Is Construction Happening on South Broadway?

Based on signs along the road, construction begins on Monday, June 28th. I don't know when it'll end but I can't imagine it'll take too long based on how simple the process sounds. I'd guess we'll be down to one lane on South Broadway while they do the work, though. Obviously, no one can drive on a freshly sealed road, plus I saw construction workers putting out cones on the side of the road in preparation.

Where Exactly on South Broadway is This Construction Happening

Based on the map from the City of Rochester website, the project starts at the intersection of Broadway and 12th St. SW (or 14) and ends just after the intersection of Broadway and 28th St. SE, by the old Shopko South. It looks like the fog-chip sealing will be happening in both directions of South Broadway along that stretch.

Google Maps
Google Maps

There are other places around Rochester getting chip sealing. You can see the other places on the City of Rochester's map, HERE.

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