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It's bad enough when a truck carrying a load of potatoes overturns and they spill all over the highway, but Minnesota's sub-zero weather Thursday morning made things even worse.

A truck crash is no laughing matter, seeing as there's the potential for injury. And of course, there's the negative financial impact on the hauler, the drivers, and the companies involved. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt in this story which made me do a double-take when I first read about it.

The Minnesota State Patrol reported Thursday morning that two semis crashed, causing one carrying a load of potatoes to dump its load all over the eastbound lanes of I-94 near Albertville (just southeast of St. Cloud, about two hours northwest of Rochester.)

That, of course, isn't fun-- especially if you're one of the truck drivers involved, or if you  happened to be in one of  the cars that ran then into and were damaged by those  spilled potatoes (which police said happened to several vehicles.)


But the sub-zero temperatures Minnesota was experiencing Thursday morning (which was a balmy -13 at the time of the crash, according to the National Weather Service) made things even trickier to clean up.

That's because the BringMeTheNews reported that those spilled spuds hit the cold pavement and then promptly froze right where they landed, smack dab all over the interstate. It's almost like Old Man Winter said, "A load of spilled spuds? Here hold my beer!"

The story went on to explain that the affected stretch of eastbound I-94 was closed for around four hours, as the State Patrol had to bring in special equipment to remove the frozen taters. It totally gives an entirely new meaning to the phrase "frozen potatoes" doesn't it?

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