This morning, Penny Nolta called to tell us about Theresa Caputo reaching into the beyond and connecting with a long lost relative for her...right there in the front row! If you missed it, hear it right now!

I've always been super skeptical of mediums...I have no proof they're any good, or bad, I just doubt 'em. Well, this morning, Penny, our Front Row with Caputo winner, told her story about being at Tuesday's show, and the Long Island Medium standing near her, and reaching the other side and hearing...Penny's long lost twin sister!

There are so many people I'd love to know are doing well, love to share love, and just to hear from, and to hear Penny tell the story is to hear someone that experienced something big.

If Caputo had just said, "A father or mother that's passed on..." meh. Even if you add children that didn't survive, you're likely to find someone that fits that description. BUT, she narrowed it down to a twin sister. That's just...whoa.

Click play, you can hear Tracy and me kind freakin' out!