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Starbucks said, "an estimated 600 billion paper and plastic cups are distributed globally, and though Starbucks cups only account for an estimated 1 percent of that total, we are invested in finding a more sustainable solution." You might not know it, but that cup of coffee you get from your favorite barista probably can't be recycled. Green Matters explains, "Traditional paper coffee cups are not recyclable or compostable because they are coated with a plastic lining."

Starbucks has tested compostable cups and now they're testing a "borrow your cup" program in the company's hometown of Seattle. Here's how it works according to CNN, "Customers will order their drinks in a reusable cup and pay a $1 refundable deposit. When the customer is done with their drink, they return the cup and receive a $1 credit as their refund plus 10 Bonus Stars for their Starbucks Rewards account."

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In January of 2020 Starbucks announced a long-term goal to become a "resource-positive company, giving more than it takes from the planet." At that time the coffee company's CEO, Kevin Johnson, explained, "I see today as a milestone for our business as we declare our concern about our planet’s future and commit to do more. Our aspiration is to become resource positive – storing more carbon than we emit, eliminating waste, and providing more clean freshwater than we use.

Do you think the "borrow a cup" program is a good idea? Will it catch on and be implemented at the 30,000+ Starbucks locations around the world? I guess only time will tell but it is nice to see a major company trying new ideas to protect the environment.

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