You're a CNN reporter and BOOM! An unscripted moment occurs that would have taken a week to set up; Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and his daughter Mia walk up to you on the street and you get to talk to 'em about the storm!

I like this video for a couple reasons.

a) It's Steven Tyler. I like him. I like his persona and I like his music.

ii) He's the only American Idol judge I liked. Like Howard Stern on America's Got Talent, Steven Tyler was the only judge that didn't make it about himself. He gave good, real, and constructive criticism. No bullying and no bull!

3) OK, so three reasons, not two. I also like this video because... he's like you and I would be on TV. He's not all polished and fancy. He's just a guy out with his daughter!

If CNN is reading this, please, remind your reporters to ask a question and then stop talking. It's something most reporters DON'T do. Like this reporter, they ask a question and then answer it, too. The best answers come from asking the question, and waiting.

You know how I learned that? I learned it from watching Tom Overlie. One day he filled in for Cori Jensen (way back in the day) and we were talking to a listener on the phone. He asked a question (no idea what he asked, but it was a tich more personal than I thought she'd answer), and then there was a really long pause. The listener was silent, Tom was silent.

Dead air! Dead air! Every fiber of my being needed to fill the dead air with something... anything... but Tom's face was calm and patient. I followed his lead (even tho it literally HURT). and then out came the most glorious response from the listener. She was taking that time to think about her answer.

Ask the question... and then wait for an answer. Good in all kinds of situations, not just media interviews. Try it with your family and friends.