Their names are Bob Dahl and Jurgen Schuller. Bob is a Maintenence Engineer Stewartville Public Schools, and Jurgen works for Taher Food Service at Stewartville Public Schools. The other day a student had a problem. The kind of problem that no kid wants to admit to his parents.

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The student lost their retainer. 

It was lost by the oldest way possible, mistakenly throwing it out. Instantly worry must have hit the student, the kind of worry that comes with, "My parents will be SO mad!"

So what happened? Bob and Jurgen, searched thru the school's garbage piece by piece.

I wouldn't go thru my garbage, and I know what's in there. These two gentlemen were incredibly selfless in their attempt to find the retainer, searching thru what must have rivaled Sara Cynthia Sylvia Stout's garbage pile*.

Sadly, they did not find it. But major kudos to two great guys. Just another fine example of community members we're fortunate to have among us. Click HERE to follow Stewartville Public Schools on Twitter.

*If you don't know about SSCS, behold...

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