Across the state people were up in arms about a lunch policy at Stewartville Public Schools that led to shaming students, and last night the school board made their decision.

As it was, students reported being shamed for negative lunch balances. They'd go thru the line, and if their lunch account was negative, their food was dumped in the garbage and they were given a sandwich.

Most of our listeners and on-line readers didn't understand why it was done so publicly,


and why the food was just thrown away. Didn't that cause shame AND more expense than if the kid was let thru the line?

Yesterday the Stewartville school board apologized, and took full responsibility for the problem, and passed revisions to the policy. Specificallly, cashiers won't be allowed to remind the students they're behind and need to get paid up. The revision direct that to be a parent/school conversation.

Very few listeners complained about the alternate lunch item (a sandwich), but the revision does away with that, as well. Students will have the regular lunch charged to their account instead.

Finally, two notifications a week will go out. One on Monday to all parents regarding their account, and one on Friday to those behind on payments.



 A manhunt for a Stewartville man is over. An arrest warrant was issued in October for 24-year-old Majed Ijong, who has been charged with sexually assaulting a young girl, and he's been captured in California! Click HERE to read the whole story.

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