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CAUTION:  You are probably going to need some Kleenex if you keep reading.  On Wednesday, a lot of people I knew were posting on their Facebook page to pray for a Stewartville family.  There wasn't a lot of information given at the time but my heart sunk because I'm a mom and just had this feeling that somewhere in our world, another mom was hurting terribly.  Prayers for this mom I didn't know were all I could do.  The unfortunate news came out on Thursday, April 8th where we learned that an 18-month-old went missing on Wednesday afternoon for a few minutes and was found in a retention pond.  As of Thursday morning, he was in a medically induced coma and in critical care.

photo by Andy Brownell
photo by Andy Brownell

I am sitting at my desk this morning and stumbled across one of the best pieces of info ever - the little 18-month-old is AWAKE according to the mom's Facebook post.  I've been tearing up the entire time I'm writing this because the struggle and trauma this family has experienced the last few days is truly unimaginable and heart-wrenching.  They shared some of those moments and additional info on their GoFundMe page 'Join the fight for Logan's Life':

We want to thank everyone for their kindness and faith. Wednesday; our lives changed forever. As you may have read or seen in the news, Logan was found unresponsive in a drainage pond. We’ve had time to process and piece together a time line and we’ve decided to share it with you as so many have asked.
Logan had his picture taken on the play set at 3:58p at daycare. DJ received a phone call at 4:06 that he couldn’t be found. Luckily he had just got home from work and was able to rush over. He walked back toward the pond and could see Logan floating face up in the pond. DJ went in the water and pulled his lifeless body out. Thankfully, there were people near the pond on the path who were able to perform CPR. Stewartville FD was dispatched at 4:11. I received a call at the office at 4:12 from DJ...he told me our son was dead. I immediately left work and sped to Stewartville.

Upon arrival, I ran toward the crowd of first responders performing CPR on our son. I dove to the ground and grabbed his hand. I said over and over “Lord please bring our son life”. DJ, joined me on the ground and we just kept praying and yelling to our son to come back. He made several breaths of his own and had a heartbeat as we laid by the pond. Mayo One was dispatched but Logan was taken by ambulance to St. Mary’s. He coded in the ambulance but was brought back prior to arrival. We were not able to be with him in the ER right away but were able to watch from behind a door...We are so thankful for our faith in the Lord. For our family, friends and communities’ faith. Prayer is so powerful and there is no doubt that it saved our son. He is not out of the clear, we won’t know what is next or what recovery will be like until he is able to regain full consciousness, be removed from all machines and have an MRI.

We cannot express enough our gratitude to the men and women who saved and continue to care for our son. He has been touched by so many hands these last two days. We are blessed to be so close to the best hospital in the world. - Join the fight for Logan's Life GoFundMe page

photo by Andy Brownell
photo by Andy Brownell

The community has shown up in multiple ways for this family and that is what #community is all about!  The GoFundMe page had a goal of $10,000 and as of right now, it is at $10,295.  A Facebook page has also been created for a craft fundraiser to help the family also.  You can learn more about that and see what is being sold here.

I'm going to go wipe my eyes now and put my mascara back on...but prayers and tons of virtual hugs going out to this family.  Do you know another story that is a true example of community?  I'd love to hear about it!  Send me a message on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio - or on Instagram.

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