I'm inspired to poetry by a story on the Plainview Police Department's Facebook Page.

T'was LITERALLY the night before Christmas and all thru Plainview,
not a creature was stirring, except police ready for daring-do.

At cars there arose such a clatter, the officers went to find what was the matter.
It was 10PM and they found people acting not gooder but badder.

Into custody were the suspected gift stealers taken
And the officers off duty joined those when awaken...ed.
The search was successful, as successful as can be
As fifty plus gifts found their homes under the tree.

Much love and kudos to the members of the Plainview Police Department and Wabasha County Sheriff's deputies, too, for their selflessness not just in serving every day, but for leaving warm homes on Christmas Eve to make sure families had gifts to open.

Chief Schneider's next-to-last statement tells a story we can't hear enough.

I’d say it was extraordinary, but it’s just what they do. I just got off the phone with our officers. Not a single complaint, just a little sleepy and eager to get home to their own families on this Christmas morning.

Truly old-fashioned goodness makes for an Old Fashioned Christmas.

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