Do people roll their eyes when you talk? Here's how to stop that in 10 seconds, guaranteed!

I was sitting there, having a nice conversation with Frank about this, that, and the other thing (no no...that that one...the OTHER other thing). Suddenly, he says he hates it when people use "etc" in a conversation.

You know like, "Rochester is awesome, they have great parks, lots of trails, restaurants, etc."

"They say that in a conversation, Frank?"

"Yes!" he said, "yes they do!"

Well, this has to stop. If you're saying it, knock it off. I asked a bunch of people, and they all said it sounds pretentious and they want to flick your ear when you say it,.

So, for the love of your ears and ours, stop saying "etc" like a fancy pants.

Just for fun you could also stop saying, "Going forward." It's mostly said by managers and news people, so maybe it's not such a big problem. On the other hand, it's totally unneeded. "Going forward I am NOT going to punch anymore grandmas."  Just saying you're not going to do it anymore means from now on. Ugh.

So, anyway, are you with us? #StopTheEtc!


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