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I really think this has to be the strangest home in the entire state of Wisconsin. It looks so normal on the outside and it has tons of acres which is awesome, but the inside... Who built this? Who came up with this?

This home is for sale in New Berlin, Wisconsin for $1.2 million. You'll just have to see it for yourself to know what I mean when I say it's strange. I'm also very curious about if you'd want to live in a place like this so shoot me a message on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (@carlyrossonair) and let me know!

Strangest Home in Wisconsin is Like Living in a Jungle

A home for sale in New Berlin, Wisconsin has lots of acres and the home is huge but it's a little strange. It's like you're living in a jungle.

If you want more strange homes, keep scrolling for a Wisconsin home that has 4 toilets in one bathroom!

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Here's Why This Wisconsin Home Has 4 Toilets In The Same Bathroom

According to Zillow, this property is listed at $450,000. It is located at 300 Hawthorne Ave in South Milwaukee, WI, and has six bedrooms and three bathrooms – one of which has FOUR functioning toilets lined up side by side. 

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