Today on Buzzfeed there was a story about Alina Ramirez.  She is taking an intro to Pychology class in Oxnard California.  Her teacher, Brett Phillips, started off the school year by handing out a list of 101 ways to cope with stress.  Alina was so impressed, she shared it on Twitter and it went viral.

I love it so much because the list contains things that are simple to do for the most part and help develop new habits.  This is a great point of reference for teenagers and young adults, but middle aged moms like me can (and should!) use it too.  Things like simplify your meals, don't rely on your memory- write stuff down, and buy yourself a flower.
More importantly, Mr. Phillips also included things that would make a fantastic sub-list called How to Be a Successful Adult.
Get up 15 minutes earlier, say no more often and stop trying to 'fix' other people.  (And friends, if you are in a relationship of any kind where someone is trying to 'fix' you, RUN AWAY!)
Anyway, check it out and make it happen!  Thanks for sharing, Alina.