Summer Camps near Rochester, Minnesota that still have openings for 2021

Summer vacation is here for our kids!  It's still a bit weird out there on what is open and what isn't for everyone due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  But, if you are looking for summer camps for your kids, I've got great news.  There are STILL some with openings in the Rochester, Minnesota area and throughout Southeast Minnesota.  I know this, because I just went searching for some and snagged a few spots for my own little ones.

List of Summer Camps for 2021 in Southeast Minnesota

Googling for summer camps that are open in 2021 for your kids just got easier. Check out this list of amazing camps that specialize in a variety of fun for kids all over Southern Minnesota, including the Rochester area.
Twin Cities Summer Jam Ticket Special 2021

2021 Twin Cities Summer Jam

5 Places in and around Rochester where kids can learn how to swim.

One other #MomFail that I had was not getting my kids signed up early for swimming lessons.  You may not have registered early enough to get on the lists for this summer but parents, bookmark this page and keep it handy because learning how to swim is extremely important! Keep trying to get registered and before you know it, you'll be watching your little one learn how to blow bubbles in the water for the first time and see their confidence in the water grow.

5 Places in Rochester Where Kids Can Learn How To Swim

Getting kids enrolled in swimming lessons is a perfect way to help kids of all ages learn skills so they can swim, have fun with their friends, but also stay safe as they are in pools and lakes this summer. Check out these 5 places in Rochester that offer swimming lessons.
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Celebrate this summer and save some cash at these places with free food for kids!

I've got kids that are attending summer camp and trust me when I say that I get how expensive these extra things are for our little ones.  It's A LOT and can take a huge chunk of cash out of your bank account during the summer.  To help save some cash during these summer months, check out the spots below that have free food for kids and go eat there!

8 Places in Rochester Where Kids Can Eat Free

Going out to eat as a family is fun but can be an extremely expensive outing. If you are looking for a deal, check out these 8 spots where kids can eat free in Rochester.

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