If you have a teen or a pre-teen in your life, you may have the same feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach that I have.  How in heavens name am I going to manage my kids and their screens ALL...SUMMER....LONG.

Let me remind you of simpler times when there were no smart phones or screens.  These are known as the good old days and it's what we know because it was our childhood.  We had one screen and it was a TV.  When our parents determined we had enough 'screen time,' they shut off the TV and we stared at the wall or watched paint dry.  Good times.

The lack of screens in our teen years is what makes parenting the control of screens so difficult.  Drinking, drugs, bullying?  We lived through it too.  However we don't have a frame of reference for screens at all, so we are lost and clueless.  All we have is the medical experts recommending two hours TOTAL screen time per day.  Two.


It makes me dread the loveliness of summer vacation, and THAT makes me want a drink.

How do you manage the summer screen time at your house?  Please share.

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