It's sad to think that summer is already coming to an end. School is starting soon in the southeast Minnesota area and the days are getting shorter. Actually, something I found out recently that proved that colder weather is around the corner is that the last time the sun will set after 8 PM is right around the corner. I'm not ready!

It feels like summer just started but here we are in the middle of August already. I saw on Instagram that yesterday was the last day New Yorkers were going to see the sunset after 8 PM this year. So I wanted to know when that would happen here in Rochester.

We still have a little bit of time, but I didn't like what I found. I referenced 3 different websites to get a better idea of when we'll see the last sunset after 8 PM of 2021. It seems that the day is less than 2 weeks away: Monday, August 23rd.

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The three websites I used are The Old Farmer's Almanac,, and The Old Farmer's Almanac and both said that the last time the sun will set after 8 PM this year is Monday, August 23rd. is the odd man out here saying that it's actually a day later, Tuesday, August 24th. So we'll go with the majority and say that the last day we'll see a sunset after 8 PM this year is Monday the 23rd.

Sigh, I'm not ready for summer to be over just yet. If you're in the same boat and want to take full advantage of the remaining summer we have left, check out the events that are left this summer below.

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Below you will find The Ultimate 2021 Summer-Fun Guide for Southeast Minnesota! All of the biggest events that our area has to offer. If we missed one, let us know on our app today!

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