Yesterday, I said that I needed to become DJ Pon-3 (Vinyl Scratch) for Halloween (to surprise an awesome ten year old). And I asked for help...and wow, did y'all come thru.  Check this out!

Here's the picture I posted, saying I needed the glasses, the horn, the ears, and the hair.


And a ton of calls came in, advice, directions, the whole bit. Then Keisha (from Halloween Express) called and boom! I'm almost ready to go!

First, the glasses are PERFECT!

 And I'll need to spray the hair blue, but this has the ears, horn, and hair all in one! 

Ponyo, the ten year old, is going to FLIP OUT! She'll practically levitate she'll be so excited (I've seen it before...she really does levitate)!

So, thank you! I really am blessed with the absolute best listeners!