Saturday, I was downtown looking for a secret gateway to paradise and I found the coolest new business in Rochester. No one I spoke to knew it was even in the works, and here they're open. After speaking to owners Nataliya and Steve Burnett, I know why no one knew it was coming. They had they started work on it only two months ago!

Artur Zerkalov points to his work with in a work.
Photos of Artur Zerkalov by James Rabe for TSM - Rochester. Click for full-size image.

Much of the artwork in the gallery is from Ukrainian artist (and business partner) Artur Zerkalov. His family moved to the US and he remained in Ukraine with his wife and children. "I have many moods," he said, "and I don't know what will end up on the canvas when I begin."

The handmade crafts, the bags, and more push the Zerkalov Art Gallery into the Tangerine, Counterpoint, Scrub Your Butt Soap, and many other locally owned businesses catagory that make Rochester's experience so much richer.

Oh, and the gateway to paradise? It's as you walk in the door of the gallery (designed and painted by Artur's wife (I can't remember her name right now...corrections welcome!).

Photos by James Rabe Art in photos mostly by Artur Zerkalov
Photos by James Rabe
Art in photos mostly by Artur Zerkalov

Zerkalov Art Gallery Grand Opening

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