I'll never get tired of seeing videos like this.  It reminds me of my brother, Joe, a marine who's served in Afghanistan, who's made many a homecoming trip to see his wife and children.  As we approach Veterans Day, here's an awesome video of a soldier's return home.

From Yahoo26-year-old John Vorrath is a sergeant in the Iowa National Guard, and he's been in the Middle East for about five months.

When he shipped out, his wife Janae knew he'd miss the birth of their daughter, because his mission didn't allow for any leave.  But the day before her C-section, his commanding officer told him the policy had JUST changed.

So John put in a request . . . even though he wouldn't be able to get there in time for the birth.  Then while he was FaceTiming with his wife during surgery, someone handed him a note that said his request had been APPROVED.

And instead of telling Janae, he decided to let her rest . . . and got on a plane to Des Moines to SURPRISE her.

I think the the best part is when his two-year-old son Jett sees him and runs over.

John's been home about a week-and-a-half, and has to head back in a few days.  But he says seeing his new daughter Charlotte has been an amazing blessing.