Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - A new survey shows Rochester residents are pretty happy about where they live.

The Southeastern Minnesota Association of Realtors recently polled city residents about their community and found that 90-percent rate the quality of life in Rochester today as excellent or good.

Looking to the future, 43-percent expect the quality of life to improve, another 40-percent predict it will stay the same, and only 14-percent anticipate it will become worse.

The survey also found 65-percent of the respondents feel the current pace of growth is “about right,” 20-percent indicated it’s too fast, and 13-percent said it’s too slow.

The results showed Rochester residents want homes in high-quality public school districts, and value sidewalks over bike lanes and hiking trails.

The association’s survey identified one area of weakness. Of those who took the survey, 43-percent indicated there were not enough housing options, particularly for those who currently rent.