Rochester, MN (KROC AM News ) - A 36 year old Rochester man is expected to be arraigned on a felony theft charge.

Malik Johnson was arrested Friday after police investigators looking at security camera video identified him as the person who ran off with a diamond ring from the Riddles Jewelry store at Apache Mall. An employee chased the man but he vanished near Trader Joe’s.  

Police later received a call from a cabdriver who reported a man matching the description of the thief ran off without paying his fare. The cabbie told officers he picked up the man at Think Bank near Apache Mall. The man got out of the cab near the Crossroads Shopping Center and ran. The cabbie says the man offered him a ring for the fare but he declined.

After making a positive ID of Johnson, officers went to his home and arrested him. At last check, police had not yet recovered the $2900 ring.

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