Have you ever wondered what your dog is dreaming about? Science has.

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Kinda tugs at your heartstrings doesn't it? Watching one of your kids while their sleeping. Have you ever caught yourself watching your dog sleeping out of the corner of your eye? Our basset, Maize, if she can, will curl up on an open lap and put her head on our chest and zonk out. Otherwise she'll get up on the sofa and use her nose to adjust a pillow to get comfy and sleep.When she's out, her paws will twitch a little, like she's running.

There's this Harvard psychologist who's come up with this theory about what dogs dream about. It's not a proven theory through experimentation, right now it's like more of a hypothesis, really.

You're dog is dreaming about YOU.

The theory goes that, since you and I dream about things that we're involved in while we're awake, animals - like Maize - can't be that different. Because our pets, like our dogs are really attached to us, they're dreaming about us. So, Maize is dreaming about things like our faces, our smell, and doing things like sunning, maybe chasing after a ball or a stick that one of us have thrown.

It's just a supposition, really. But it does make me wonder further. Is Maize dreaming in color or in black and white? Are all the clock hands at ten and two like in my dreams...Is there a soundtrack. Maybe with some experimentation we'll find out...