How millennial are you?  Have you taken this quiz yet?  It is pretty popular on the internet right now and everyone seems to be chiming in on their score.  Now, you can too!

The quiz is super easy to take.  Just go through the list of "millennial" items and for every item you have eaten or drank, you get one point.  Tally up your points and see your score!

How Millennial Are You Quiz - Jessica Williams
How Millennial Are You Quiz - Jessica Williams

I feel young so I thought..."Huh, I bet I'll do pretty well on this quiz!".  In fact, the competitive side of me wanted to take this quiz and see if I could beat one of my co-workers, James Rabe.  We've been challenging each other on Thursdays during our Facebook Live videos on Y105FM...and I thought this would be my chance to actually take a win.

So, did I win...or did James Rabe?  Watch the video below and find out!

What was your score?  I’d love to hear how millennial YOU are! Send me a message on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram.  

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