I have zero idea why this magical vehicle is in Rochester, Minnesota right now but...it is HERE!  The Planters Nutmobile is one selfie that you have to have for your collection and if you are fast enough, you can smile real pretty and get it.

Where is the Planters Nutmobile in Rochester, Minnesota?

Send this story on to all of your friends so they know the last location where the Nutmobile was seen in Rochester so they can get their selfie.  Last I knew, it was parked just behind the new Scooter's Coffee and Caribou Coffee locations just off of South Broadway.  It is sitting in the Candlewood Suites hotel parking lot, right where the exit is for the parking garage.  I'm guessing it couldn't fit inside it so that is why it is hanging out in the elements for all to see.

What fun selfies have you taken?

I decided a few weeks ago that posed photos were too boring and life is just too short for those so fun selfies with goofy faces are my goal for life.  What about you?  What fun selfies have you taken or have you grabbed a pic with someone famous?  I'd love to hear about your photo opps!  Send me a note over on my Facebook Page - Jessica On The Radio - or on Instagram!

Here are a few more of mine...which you are more than welcome to enjoy and laugh at. 

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Hey Dog Lovers, did you know about these places in Rochester that have free treats for your pups?

I've got 2 dogs and this little nugget of info was news to me.  There are places in Rochester that would love to give your dog a treat the next time you visit!  Scroll through and when you go out to take a selfie of the Nutmobile, make a stop at one of these places too with your pup.

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8 Places in Rochester Where Your Dog Can Get a Free Treat

Next time you are on a car ride with your furry friend, stop by one of these spots in Rochester. They've got a special treat waiting for your dog!

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