Here are a few fun facts about Thanksgiving that you can share with your family and friends while enjoying your turkey and stuffing: 

1.  This is the 150th anniversary of Thanksgiving.  The first Thanksgiving happened in 1621.  But Thanksgiving wasn't “officially” made an American holiday until President Lincoln made it one in 1863.

2. Thanksgiving is on Thursday because . . . that day seemed like it was the most wide open.  There's no real significance to Thursday, people just didn't have much going on.

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3.  The woman who pushed to make Thanksgiving a national holiday is the same woman who wrote the song “Mary Had a Little Lamb”.  Her name was Sarah Hale from New Hampshire.  (I’m surprised the song wasn’t “Mary Had a Little Turkey”). 

4.  2% of families have everyone dress “formally” for dinner.  

5.  15% of Americans do NOT plan on celebrating Thanksgiving.  (But do they still watch football?)

6.  1% of people will eat a “Turducken”, and 1% will eat a turkey made of tofu.

7.  5% of people start eating Thanksgiving dinner at NOON or earlier.  Only 6% eat after 6:00 P.M.   That means the majority of Americans enjoy their Thanksgiving dinner between noon and 6pm.  (Most fall asleep about an hour later after the tryptophan kicks in). 

Happy Thanksgiving!