Getting paid to do something you normally do is pretty awesome. NBA players get paid to play basketball, NASCAR drivers are paid to drive, and if you are a select Target customer you've been getting paid It was announced last week by that Target has a secret app that allows a select number of customers to give feedback to the Minnesota company and then pays the customer in gift cards and coupons. 

The app is called Studio Connect and it was developed inside Target in 2016. It’s used to connect the Target design team to the customer they’re designing for, informing projects like its ambitious new Made by Design line of housewares.

So how does someone get/use the app? To say it is tough is an understatement. Target keeps the group at roughly 600 members. That’s not a lot considering Target has about 30 million weekly shoppers. Each member is personally invited to take part, and they’re recruited via online research and receipt polls.

While I don't spend a ton of money at Target, I wouldn't mind getting on this list just to see what the Minnesota retailer will roll out next. I'm not alone in my thinking as Target's Twitter page and Facebook page have been peppered with tweets and comments from people wanting to be apart of the program.

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