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If you're looking for some of this year's best Black Friday deals, Target is getting ready to unveil its fourth (and biggest) set of specials this Sunday.

As with just about every other aspect of our lives this year so far in 2020, Black Friday is going to look a little different in Minnesota this year. Well, a lot different. Because there really isn't just ONE big shopping day filled with incredible deals, like previous Black Fridays. Crowds gathered in lines in front of stores and throngs of shoppers all at the same time in stores aisles is NOT something we want to do while the coronavirus is still raging, right?

That's why many stores, like Walmart and Minnesota's Best Buy, have already been rolling out special Black Friday and holiday specials throughout the entire month of November instead of just waiting until the day after Thanksgiving this year.

And Minnesota's other big retailer, Target, is following suit as well. In fact, USA Today says Target is getting ready to kick off their fourth and biggest set of Black Friday specials on Sunday. Target let the cat out of the bag on what we can buy Thursday, and they include bargain deals on everything from clothes, electronics to books and toys. Their last Black Friday deals will run for a week, ending the day after Black Friday, on Saturday, November 28th.

USA Today also notes "Another change for 2020 is that Target says "nearly all" of the "Black Friday Now" deals will be available for an entire week, both in stores and online. Contactless, same-day Drive Up and Order Pickup services are available for orders on either platform, or can be received via same-day delivery with Shipt," the story said.

And while Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and other stores are all stocked up with what they hope are the latest fads for Christmas 2020, do you remember what the big fads were in Christmases past? Keep scrolling to take a look at those toys and fads we just HAD to have, back in the day.

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