Every time I host trivia, I get to play Life Lesson Teacher. There's always one player that finds out life isn't always fair. I love being the teacher because I try to do it with love, and kindness...and just a touch of snark.  Thinking life is fair is probably the number one rookie mistake people make. They might have said to someone, "Life isn't fair, Jodi!", but that's not the same thing as UNDERSTANDING Life Isn't Fair.

So that's number one. What are nine other rookie mistakes every Rochester Adult has made?

2 - Forgetting to cancel a "free trial" - Put it on your calendar, set a reminder, and DO IT, or you never will. Trust me and my 7 channel subscriptions.

3 - Going for a poop without checking TP status. Fortunately, we only forget this once.

4 - Continuing to date somebody you know is not a match. Knock knock, puddin' head. Stop that nonsense and be honest.

5 - Not getting it in writing. This is related to #1. People think life is going to be fair, and it's not, so no matter how trustworthy someone seems, get. It. In. Writing!

6 - Maxing out your first credit card the first day. My first credit card was a JCPenney card with a $500 limit. Got lots of new clothes. Loved it. Couldn't pay even the minimum and $500 became a thousand real fast.

7 - Filling the fridge in your first apartment with a ton of fruit and veggies. You may have time and energy to eat/cook 'em all. You also might let it all go bad after the first meal. Guess which one is more likely, Susan?

8 - Letting the fear of failure dissuade you from even trying. It's been said over and over, but whether you believe you can or can't, you're right. Or think of it this way, a LOT of people succeed because they're not smart enough to realize they could fail.

9 - Putting Dawn in the Dishwasher. If you haven't, good for you. If you have, how'd you like them suds???

10 - Telling anyone, "We broke up, but we're gonna stay good friends." If you're lucky, that look they give you is "pity".

Honourable Mentions

  • Thinking putting cards in your spokes makes your bike sound like a motorcycle.
  • Believing stuff in romantic comedies wouldn't result in an arrest in real life.
  • Signing up for 8 am classes as a freshman.
  • Making eye contact with customers when you have only a few minutes left on your shift.

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