Another "curveball" forecast was just presented to the state of Minnesota.  Why?  Because this is just how life is now.  We have snow on Halloween but not on Christmas and we hit record-breaking highs in February.  Our weather is officially "weird".  The next few days are going to prove that again.

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"Curveball" Forecast Predicted for Thursday and Friday in Minnesota

In the week where Iowa had a massive temperature drop in a day, Illinois had over 11 tornadoes, and Minnesota saw snow on the ground for only about 48 hours until we get back to the 50s and 60s, another type of scene is predicted to show up in our sky.

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According to Meteorologist Randy Brock, things could look a bit hazy the next few days.

🔥 Here's a curveball for Thursday's weather: this is a series of a model forecast showing smoke from the Texas Panhandle reaching us tomorrow and Friday. It appears through model data that this is going to reach surface level the next couple days. At a minimum it will at least provide a smoky haze to our sky. It's possible this could temper our warm-up a little bit.

- Randy Brock - Meteorologist on Facebook


Will The Potential For Smoke in the Air Be An Issue for Those With Breathing Issues in Minnesota?

I have asthma so am always on alert about air quality issues.  I have to be prepared and be extra cautious so I don't get sick.  At the moment of writing this story, I haven't seen any air quality issues yet.  Keep our app handy or go follow me on Facebook - Jessica On The Radio - and I'll put an update out if I see any issues pop up.

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